How To Add/Edit The Contact Information For Lead Notification?

How To Add/Edit The Contact Information For Lead Notification?

The lead management option of the Growth99+ application allows business account users to receive a notification via custom SMS or email, every time a lead is generated. 

As discussed in the article for the contact form, every new lead to a business account is generated from the contact form. There is an option to add the email ID as well as the contact number to which the business account user wishes to receive the email and SMS respectively. (CLICK HERE to know about creating an email template for a new lead)

To add an email id and a phone number where you wish to get lead notifications, kindly follow the below steps.


From your business account, click on the "Clinics" option under the menu of "Accounts & Settings".


Now, under "Clinic Detail", you can add your email id and phone number (10 digit only) under the "Notification Email" and "Notification SMS" sections accordingly and save them as shown below. 

Now, you will start getting lead notifications to the given email id and phone numbers successfully.

To add multiple notification emails and/or contact numbers, kindly follow the below steps.


From your business account, click on the "Contact Form" option under the menu of "Accounts & Settings".


Click on the "Notification" tab on the form.


During the Business account set-up, (CLICK HERE to know how to add a new user to a business account) the team would have added an email ID which will be visible in this tab. If you want to delete this email, just click on the small icon of a "trash can" on the right side of every email ID that is added.


If you wish to retain the previously added email ID and add another email ID as well, click on the "Create Notification" button. Select the option email option from the dropdown.


Add a relevant email ID of your choice and click on the "Save" button. We have added a sample email ID as an example in the below image.

If you refresh the notification tab, you will see your email ID listed there.


You can repeat the same steps to add a contact number for lead notification S.M.S. Click on the "SMS" option instead of the email option from the dropdown and enter the valid contact number. Click on the "Save" button to proceed.

If you refresh the "Notification" tab, you will see your mobile number is displayed there.

Note: In case the notification field has either no email or a contact number, or if both the email and number fields are empty, the Growth99+ app will automatically send the email and SMS to the notification details added on the clinic page.

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