How to Create Mass Email and Mass SMS?

How to Create Mass Email and Mass SMS?

Growth99+ application allows its users to send Emails or SMS in bulk to their Leads or Patients by scheduling it in the application.


Select the Mass Email and SMS sub-menu under the Marketing menu on the left-hand side of the home screen.


On the Mass Email and SMS page, you can see all the triggers you have created for sending bulk Emails and SMS to the Leads and the Patients.

Click the “ Create Mass Email and SMS “ button to proceed to the next step.


You can start setting the Mass Email or SMS by giving a suitable name.

The ” Next ” button will be activated once you fill the name field, click the  “ Next “ button to proceed to the next step.


In the module, you can choose whom you want to send the Mass Email or SMS.

If you choose Leads you can select the status of the leads who should receive this email or SMS.

If you want to select multiple Statuses, that can be also chosen from the drop-down. You can select the “ Select All “ option too.

Similarly, if you choose the Patient module you can choose the patient appointment statuses from the drop-down who should receive the Email or SMS.

Click the “ Next ” button to choose the templates.


In this step, you can select “SMS ” or ” Email ” which you want to send.

According to your choice all the SMS or Email templates, you have in the library will appear in the drop-down from which you can choose the Email / SMS template.
After choosing the template, kindly click on "Preview Template" and check if all the text, clinic links, and contact numbers are appearing properly.


Once you choose the appropriate template, you can choose the date and time in the scheduler as shown in the below image.  

Click the “ Submit ” button to complete the Mass Email or SMS creation.

The New Mass Email or SMS you created will be shown on top of the Mass Email and SMS page as in the below image.

If you wish to stop sending the Email or SMS you can disable the trigger anytime before the scheduled time, by clicking the status button to disable it.

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