How to find out which email/SMS have gone to a particular lead in Growth99+?

How to find out which email/SMS have gone to a particular lead in Growth99+?

To check which email and SMS have gone to any particular lead, we need to follow the below steps.

Step - 1

Click on the lead from the "Leads" section.

Step - 2

After that, a lead details page will open up.
Then we need to click on the "Lead Timeline" tab as shown in the below screenshot.

Step - 3

There we can see which SMS or email has gone to the lead.
After that, by clicking on the SMS or email, we can check which text is going through that particular email/SMS.
For example, here if we click on " Thank you for checking us out! " on the lead timeline page, we can see what message is going through that.

Step - 4

Now, we can change that particular email template/text for Thank you for checking us out! "    and for that, we need to go to the "Email Templates" under the "Templates" menu.

To change any particular SMS template, you need to click on the "SMS Templates" under that "Templates" menu the same way.
Step - 5

There we can find the template Thank you for checking us out! " and change it if required by clicking on the edit button on the right as shown in the picture below.

In the same way, you can change the SMS template too from the "SMS Templates" section.

Below is the link where you can find how to change the email template which will help you while changing the template.

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