How To Import Patients File Into Growth99+?

How To Import Patients File Into Growth99+?

Growth99+ offers adding patients' data in two ways to the app.

1. Adding manually, one by one from the "Patients" tab under "Appointments", from the "Create Patient" section as shown below.

2. Importing an excel file of patients' data manually to our Growth99 app.
This option can be utilized when one needs to add old records of the patients in bulk.
To import patient files, we need to follow a few things as the Growth99+ application is designed to accept the excel only in a specific format, so it is important that we understand the intricacies of the format and the next important thing of "naming" the file. Since the application is also developed to accept business information files (Categories, services, symptoms), to avoid the code conflicts, the application will accept the patient files only when the file is named "Patients".

Step 1: 

Coming to the name and format, below is the screenshot of the file.

There are a few points to note:
  1. The title of the columns needs to be exactly the same as mentioned above.
  2. The first 3 columns are mandatory in the file.
  3. The above mandatory fields need to be all filled with accurate details (No special characters or numbers for names)
  4. Enter only 10 digits in the contact column (omit the country code, special characters, and spaces)
  5. Name the file starting with "Patients" or "patients" and save it in excel format only (not CSV or any other format).
  6. Also, the sheet should be renamed as "patients" as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: 

Once the file is ready, now it's time to import it to the "Patients" dashboard.
Login to your Growth99+ account, click on the menu "Appointments" and open the sub-menu "Patients".
On the "Patients" page, you can see the "Import Patients" section, where you can import your file as shown below.

Step 3:

A click on "Import Patientswill prompt you to a dialog box asking you to upload the excel file from your system/device, there you need to choose the file and click on "Upload" as shown below.

Step 5:

Wait for a few seconds till the data gets uploaded, once done. You will see a message saying, "File uploaded successfully".
Now, refresh the page, and you can see your patients' data got uploaded there.

Patients' files should not contain more than 100 patients' info at a time.
If you have more patients, try to separate it into small files with each of 100 patients and import them in a 5–10-minute duration.

Thank you.

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