GSM Call

How to Set-Up Remote Extension on Phone System via Grandstream Wave

Grandstream Wave Lite (Android & Apple iOS)

Download the App from Playstore or Apple

You will need the following information:
Server:             Your Server
UserID:             Your UserID
Password:        Your Password

After installing and opening GS Wave, please tap Settings --> Account Settings.
Tap the blue  in the upper right corner.
Click SIP Account about 4 lines down.

Enter the following information for Add New Account

Activate account:    (enable)
Account Name:       GSM Call  (can be anything you want)
SIP Server:              Your Server
SIP User ID:             Your UserID
SIP Authent ID:        Your UserID
Password:                Your Password

When completed, remember to press the  button in the top right to save the settings.
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