Flowmeter Internal Tube Check

Flowmeter Internal Tube Check

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    • Flowmeter Troubleshooting

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    • What do I do if the oxygen flow meter is not working?

      If the bead in the oxygen flow meter is not moving, follow the troubleshooting steps below: Turn on the unit Ensure the oxygen flow meter is fully open Attach external oxygen source  Gently knock on the oxygen flow meter If the bead is still not ...
    • How often do I have to refill the bottle with water?

      You do not need to refill the bottle during normal use, unless you notice that the water level has decreased (typically due to evaporation). To refill the bottle with water, you can insert a feeding tube into one of the holes on the lid of the water ...
    • What Pumani accessories do I clean?

      The following items have been labeled as single-use only (nasal prongs, patient tubing, and fish elbows), and re-cleaning should be done at your own risk. The following items have been designed to be cleaned repeatedly and re-used: hat clips, tube ...
    • What do I do if the total flow is too low?

      If the flow is too low, you may need to replace the filter under the Pumani pump. For instructions on how to check the flow and how to replace the filter, see the User & Repair Manual.