What do I need to do to make sure the Pumani device runs for many years?

What do I need to do to make sure the Pumani device runs for many years?

To optimize the performance of the Pumani unit, you may need to replace the pump filter every 1-2 years, depending on the level of debris that enters the unit.

To check the functionality of the Pumani unit, determine if you need to replace the filter, and view instructions on how to replace the filter, see the User & Repair Manual.

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    • Do I need a voltage converter with the Pumani?

      The Pumani runs on 220 volt AC (wall) power. If your facility uses 220 V AC power, you do not need a voltage converter. If your facility uses 120 V AC power, you do not need a voltage converter either. You may still need an adapter on the end of the ...
    • What Pumani accessories do I not need to clean?

      The hats should not be cleaned or reused, as they will stretch after single use. You do not need to clean the power cord. If the unit itself has significant debris on the outside, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.
    • Can I use another hat instead of the Pumani hat?

      We recommend that you use a Pumani hat, as the hat is designed to fit tightly on the patient’s head, and it has a wide brim to attach the patient tubing to the hat. You may choose to use other hats, but you should make sure that the hat fits the ...
    • What do I do if the Pumani is making a loud sound?

      The Pumani unit will make considerable noise when it is running. The pump vibrates while running, which causes the enclosure to vibrate as well. If you are concerned about the noise level coming from the unit, you can open the unit and make sure that ...
    • Where should I place the Pumani unit in the neonatal ward?

      The Pumani unit should be located as close to the patient as possible. It should be kept at waist height or above, so that users can easily view the flow settings, pressure level, and indicator light to make sure the unit is functioning correctly. It ...