What is included in the Pumani package?

What is included in the Pumani package?

The Pumani bubbleCPAP package includes one Pumani bubbleCPAP device, one User & Repair Manual, one spare parts kit (inside of the device), one bottle, one power cord (UK plug), and a ‘starter kit’ of accessories, which includes one variety pack of nasal prongs, one set of hats (one small hat, one medium hat, one large hat), and 3 sets of patient tubing with hat clips and fish elbows.

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    • Can I use an extension cord with the Pumani?

      We recommend that you do not use an extension cord with the Pumani, as the electrical safety of the extension cord is unknown. You should place the Pumani as close to an electrical outlet as possible. 
    • How does the Pumani bubbleCPAP work?

      The Pumani bubbleCPAP contains two main components that provide pressurized airflow to the patient: the pump and the water bottle. There is a pump inside of the unit that provides the airflow to the patient. There is a water bottle located on the ...
    • Do I need a voltage converter with the Pumani?

      The Pumani runs on 220 volt AC (wall) power. If your facility uses 220 V AC power, you do not need a voltage converter. If your facility uses 120 V AC power, you do not need a voltage converter either. You may still need an adapter on the end of the ...
    • Can I use different accessories with the Pumani if I run out of accessories?

      No, the Pumani accessories are designed specifically to provide the correct levels of flow and pressure to the patient. If you use different accessories that are not part of the Pumani bubbleCPAP product, you may provide an unsafe level of flow or ...
    • Can I run the Pumani continuously for a long time?

      Yes, the Pumani unit is designed to run continuously for years at a time. You may notice that the unit becomes slightly warm after extended use. This minor temperature increase is normal and is caused by the pump running continuously, but it will not ...