What Pumani accessories do I clean?

What Pumani accessories do I clean?

The following items have been labeled as single-use only (nasal prongs, patient tubing, and fish elbows), and re-cleaning should be done at your own risk.

The following items have been designed to be cleaned repeatedly and re-used: hat clips, tube holder, and water bottle.

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    • What Pumani accessories do I not need to clean?

      The hats should not be cleaned or reused, as they will stretch after single use. You do not need to clean the power cord. If the unit itself has significant debris on the outside, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.
    • How do I clean the accessories?

      The accessories can be cleaned by soaking them in a 0.5% bleach solution for 10 minutes (or follow your facility’s standard cleaning procedure). Bleaching time should not exceed one hour or the accessories may start to degrade. After bleaching, you ...
    • Can I use different accessories with the Pumani if I run out of accessories?

      No, the Pumani accessories are designed specifically to provide the correct levels of flow and pressure to the patient. If you use different accessories that are not part of the Pumani bubbleCPAP product, you may provide an unsafe level of flow or ...
    • How do I dry the accessories?

      You can lay the accessories on a dry towel or leave outdoors in a clean area to air dry. Make sure the accessories do not become dirty during drying.
    • How many times can I reuse the accessories?

      The lifetime of the accessories depends on how frequently you use them, the frequency of cleaning, and the level of cleanliness of the accessories after patient use. Typically, the patient tubing and nasal prongs may last more than 10 uses before ...