What is the HomesEstimate ranking?

What is the HomesEstimate ranking?

The rankings are an interesting and fun statistic homes.co.nz applies to residential properties that has a homesestimate. We have ranked all properties in a suburb based on the value of their homesestimate, not real market or capital value. This ranking excludes vacant sections and multi-unit properties. We hope you also find this information fun to interact with

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    • Can I change my HomesEstimate ranking?

      The ranking is based on the homesestimate, as the estimate changes the ranking will change.  HomesEstimates can be influenced by a sale record, RV update or a submission of a registered valuation or market appraisal
    • How is HomesEstimate Ranking calculated?

      The rankings are based on all residential houses within a particular suburb that has an HomesEstimte.  This ranking can change when the HomesEstimates are updated.
    • Can I remove the HomesEstimate ranking?

      Rankings can be hidden only if the property in question does not quality with the criteria of a stand-alone rating unit for the purpose of residential use.
    • What is the HomesEstimate?

      The HomesEstimate valuation is our estimated market value, computed using a proprietary formula. It is not a formal valuation. It is a starting point in determining a home's value. The HomesEstimate is calculated from data available to homes.co.nz, ...
    • Will the HomesEstimate ever change?

      Yes. A team of statisticians are constantly working to make the HomesEstimate more accurate. Homes.co.nz is continually updating the approach used to estimate the value of your home, and any new sales or property information is used to update and ...