5 tips for preparing to receive more guests (once COVID-19 is over)

5 tips for preparing to receive more guests (once COVID-19 is over)

Sometimes, what stands between you and receiving more guests is just some small attentions that just take a few minutes. Follow our 5 tips and we’re sure you will drastically improve your chance of meeting amazing people from our Human Hotel community.

Tip #1: choose a great profile picture

Having a nice profile picture is the very fist important step of setting up your profile: Human Hotel is not a mere home-sharing platform, our main focus is actually human connection and exchange. Therefore, people are interested in knowing you, and seeing you in a nice, personal picture as soon as they enter your profile is for sure a good start!

Tip #2: choose relevant keywords that represent you and your practice

As we said, our platform is all about meaningful meetings. For this reason, your guests are interested in you, what you do, what you love and what you stand for. A great way to do this is choosing some keywords that best represent you: they will allow you to come in touch with community members that share your passions and interests.

Tip #3: let people know who you are!

In the “About Myself” section you have all the space you need to talk about yourself, your work and your passions. Knowing you as a human being is key to motivate guests to choose your space, so try to do your best to convey who you are through your own words!

Tip #4: select the best space photos… with you in them!

Choosing the space photos is key to allow guests to fall in love with your space. It’s important that the pictures you choose depict not only your space, but also you, your practice and what you like to do in your home. The quality of the photos should also be as high as possible: having high resolution images will drastically improve your chances of booking.

Tip #5: describe why your space is so special.

Every host space featured in Human Hotel has its own unique atmosphere that reflects the personality and the practice of its host. Let us know what makes your space so special! In your “About my space” section, you can describe how the space is articulated, what can be found in that city area and which means of transport are close, but your guests will also be happy to know about some details about your space that only you, as the host, can put into words.