Booking & Payment Safety

Booking & Payment Safety

Payments using Human Hotel

Payments on the platform are processed by Human Hotel via our payment service provider, Stripe.

Guest Protection

As a guest, when you make a payment on the platform, we hold that payment until your booking is complete and only then do we make the payout to your host. This ensures your safety because Human Hotel, as a neutral third party, has control of the host's payout. This means that both parties are protected should the need for any mediation arise, or in the event of a conflict or problem. 

Under no circumstances should you make a payment of any kind to any host outside of the platform as your payment will not be protected. We cannot accept responsibility for any bookings or payments made outside of the platform and payment service provider unless expressly requested by Human Hotel. You should report any host who makes a request for external payment immediately to

Host Rules

Any host requesting payment or additional fees via any method outside of the platform including (but not limited to) bank transfer, PayPal, or cash is in direct violation of our terms of use.