Our Safety, Safeguarding and Accessibility Policy

Our Safety, Safeguarding and Accessibility Policy

COP26 Homestay Network: Safety, Safeguarding and Accessibility Statement (June 2021)


  • We will do as much as possible from a third-party standpoint to help ensure users stay safe while using the network by providing safety training and information (user preparedness), and by facilitating trust between users through profile building and verification (trust-building).


  • Unaccompanied Children and vulnerable adults should not use the Homestay Network.


  • The inclusivity of the Network, especially for people with accessibility needs around home-sharing, will be ensured through additional sign-up and platform support, accessibility improvements on the online platform, and help finding accessible host spaces.

Whilst Human Hotel has built up considerable experience and expertise ensuring the safety of users on their public platform, we are working with a range of organisations within the climate movement to build this strategy out for the COP26 Homestay Network.

  1. User Safety

  2. Safeguarding

  3. Accessibility & Inclusivity

  4. Online Security & GDPR

As providers, supporters, and promoters of the COP26 Homestay Network we will take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of its users. This includes (but is not limited to) adhering to all relevant laws and regulations.

As a third-party, peer-to-peer service, those responsible for providing and promoting this service assume no legal liability for the actions of its users.


The platform and its use will be covered by a Risk Assessment Register.

User Safety

We will do everything possible from a third-party standpoint to help ensure that users stay safe whilst using the COP26 Homestay Network by providing safety training and information (user preparedness), by facilitating trust between users through profile building and verification (trust building), and by creating support systems on the ground during COP26 (user support).

User Preparedness

  • User safety guide: we will send out information to guests and hosts, including safety advice, best practices, emergency procedures, etc. This will be made available in accessible formats.

  • Safeguarding training: we will provide all guests and hosts the opportunity to undertake online safeguarding training - and encourage those who have completed the training to highlight it on their profile.

Trust Building

  • Trust is built primarily through robust user profiles - enabling informed choice and fostering a connection between guests and hosts. Users will be encouraged to highlight the completion of voluntary training on their profile.

  • Profile verification: the platform requires certain (verified) information from users, eg credit card information, alongside voluntary profile verification that can help in trust building between users. This is outlined below:

  • Post-match (online) chat: we will encourage users to have a conversation with the person they connect with on the platform before meeting in person on web-video platforms such as Zoom.







Confirmed Email

Confirmed Phone

Billing Phone 

Billing Address

Credit Card Details

Confirmed Phone

Confirmed Email

Bank Account Info

Billing Address*

Facebook Account Confirmation

Google Account Confirmation

Gov. ID Confirmation

Facebook Account Confirmation

Google Account Confirmation

Gov. ID Confirmation

* Bank Account Ownership confirmed via the payment company we are using. If they cannot verify Identity & Ownership through their own Know-Your-Customer (KYC) technology, they will request a Proof of ID Document (eg. Passport, Driver License, Resident permit, Citizen Card, Electoral ID, Validate UK, or other) & Proof of Address Document (Utility Bill, Statement from Finance Institution, Housing Association Letter, etc.)

User Support

  • We will support all users at every stage of the process through a dedicated helpdesk – accessible before Cop by email and during by phone

  • During the event, there will be on-the-ground and (free) phone line support in Glasgow.

  • Guests and Hosts will be encouraged to join shared Slack / Whatsapp channels to connect with other people staying in their area.

Host Insurance

Safeguarding - Protection of Vulnerable Groups

Unaccompanied Children and Vulnerable Adults should not use the Homestay Network.

Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults in the course of the network’s use (for example in a host household) is the responsibility of their legal guardian. Safety advice will, however, be provided to all guests and hosts as part of our support of user preparedness.


Accompanied Guests who want to use the COP26 Homestay Network, and self-identify as vulnerable or as having additional safeguarding needs, can be provided with additional support, including:


  • Support setting up a profile and navigating the platform.

  • Help to find hosts or guests that fulfill certain safeguarding requirements.

  • Additional safety information (as part of the safety information pack) to support users who identify as vulnerable


No sensitive information will be collected or held on the platform or any staff member working on it.


We are committed to ensuring that the COP26 Homestay Network is as diverse and inclusive as possible. 

  • The online platform has been built to reflect and support the range of communities that make up the global climate movement, with functions designed to remove the barriers that may hinder engagement from different groups.

  • All information relating to the platform, including the terms of use, FAQs, Covid Statement, etc. will be made available in accessible formats.

  • Our Helpdesk team will support anyone who wants to sign up as a guest or host. Though this can only be done online at the moment: we are hoping that in the future it will be safe to offer support in person.

  • Hosts are asked to fill out an accessibility checklist to help guests find a space that suits their needs.

  • We are also working to create a pool of accessible host spaces that will be held in reserve for people with specific requirements. The Safeguarding and Accessibility Lead will help guests access the reserve accessible spaces.

Online Security & GDPR

Human Hotel will securely hold any data relevant to the service according to their privacy policy:


Homestay Network Specific Terms (under review)

Current SaaS Ownership Terms (under review)



COVID-19 Guidance for Coalition Activities During COP26

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the COP26 Coalition have put together a joint COVID-19 Policy for our activities over COP26: the People’s Summit, Global Day of Action and Civil Society Hub events. Read the full policy here.

For advice and guidance specific to the Homestay Network please see our safety guidance for users of the COP26 Homestay Network.

Public health and safety during the ongoing pandemic is the primary concern of the COP26 Coalition and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. We have planned all activities over COP26 to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 and have developed detailed COVID policies, contingency plans, guidance and procedures to keep everyone safe. We are fighting for climate justice at COP against the backdrop of global vaccine inequality and a need to keep the most vulnerable in our communities - both in Glasgow and abroad - safe.

If there are changes to planned activities, or to the COVID-19 situation on the ground or guidelines at any venues, information will be posted on our social media channels, on the Coalition websites, and will be made available at venues. If you are unsure about anything please ask our volunteers on the ground.

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