HYON Connect Support

A buyer has asked me to deliver the items to them. Can I charge a delivery fee?

Available on: web only

If appropriate, you can add a delivery fee to the cart before you send it to the buyer.

Unlike the funds from item sales, the delivery fee will not be split between you and your connected owner, but will go to whoever is actually doing the delivery.

When you add the delivery fee, please indicate who the fee goes to. You can choose from:

  • Seller (if you have the item and are taking it to the buyer)

  • Owner (if the owner has the item and will be taking it to the buyer)

  • Hyon (if you are using HYON’s delivery service, regardless of who has the item)

Once the cart is created, you can add the delivery information to help you keep track - it is important to follow up with both the owner and the buyer to ensure delivery was successful. Read more about it here.