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How do I arrange pickup of a purchased item if the owner has possession of it?

Once an item has been paid for, you need to co-ordinate the pickup with your owner and your buyer. We recommend basing this on the owner's schedule, and giving the buyer 1-2 times to choose from.

  1. Check the owner’s info to see if they have shared their availability with you.

    1. This info can be found by clicking or tapping on the owners name on the item screen or the pickup screen.

    2. If they have provided availability, you can share those times with the buyer plus the address of the pickup location.

    3. Once the buyer has selected a time, you can notify the owner via the messaging area to let them know when to expect the pickup and the name of the buyer.

  2. If the owner has not shared their availability, you will need to reach out to them via the messaging area to find out what days and times a pickup will work. Once you have that info you can give the times to the buyer, and then confirm with the owner once a time is selected.

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