How do I ensure that the pickup or delivery has been completed?

How do I ensure that the pickup or delivery has been completed?

Available on: web only

Because you are the one coordinating the time between the buyer and the owner, you will know when to follow up with both parties. Once you have confirmed with them both that the item has changed hands, do the following as soon as possible:

  • Go to the Carts screen

  • Click the Action menu (3 dots)

  • Click Complete Sale

This starts a 24hr clock where the buyer can return the item. Once 24hrs has passed, refunds are no longer available and the proceeds from the sale for both you and the owner will be made available in the next weekly payout.

Important: if you do not mark the sale as complete, funds will not be released.

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      Completed pickups have been moved to the Completed Pickups area, which you can find by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
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      Available on: web only If appropriate, you can add a delivery fee to the cart before you send it to the buyer. Unlike the funds from item sales, the delivery fee will not be split between you and your connected owner, but will go to whoever is ...
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      Available on: web only You can update delivery information in 2 ways: From carts, find the relevant cart and click the edit button under the Schedule column From Schedule, find the relevant delivery and click edit Update info as needed Click Submit
    • How does HYON pay sellers and owners?

      Sellers and owners link their bank accounts to HYON Connect via Stripe. Once a sale is finalized, HYON Connect sends the appropriate funds to owners and sellers each Friday. We do the math, and you get the cash! Here’s how to connect your bank: On ...
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      HYON sellers get commission from the sale of each item. The percentage they receive depends on the price of the item; higher priced items have a lower percentage (because math helps even things out that way—yay math!). You can find the commission ...