I can see that one of my items was sold, but I didn’t get paid for it.

I can see that one of my items was sold, but I didn’t get paid for it.

Sellers and owners receive payment every Friday for any items sold in the previous billing period. 

If it’s past the Friday you should have been paid for the item, double check that your bank account is connected to Stripe so your payment can be properly deposited. If it turns out your account wasn’t connected, once you set it up you will receive all backdated payouts due to you on the next Friday payout. 

If Stripe is properly connected to your bank account and the payment still hasn’t come through at the right time, please email connect@hyon.ca and we will look into it!
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    • When do I get paid?

      Within 14 days of your item being sold! HYON transfers your money to your Stripe account and they take it from there to securely deposit it directly into your bank account. 
    • How does HYON pay sellers and owners?

      Sellers and owners link their bank accounts to HYON Connect via Stripe. Once a sale is finalized, HYON Connect sends the appropriate funds to owners and sellers each Friday. We do the math, and you get the cash! Here’s how to connect your bank: On ...
    • How can I see if my items have been posted for sale?

      Each seller posts their items onto the platform of their choice manually, so we don’t have an automatic way for item owners to check—yet. But rest assured, our team is working hard to build this into the system to make the process even easier and ...
    • As an owner, how much do I make on my sold items?

      Item Value Your Profit Up to $200 You keep 60% $200 - $500 You keep 70% $500 & up You keep 80% $2000 & over Request a quote Note: your first item sold up to a value of $100 is commission free!
    • Someone I know wants me to sell their items—how do I ensure we get matched?

      Make sure that you have signed up as a HYON seller and have been verified. Verified sellers will see “Verified HYON Seller” by their name in their HYON Connect profile. When they are creating their Owner account, they can enter the email of their ...