HYON Connect Support

I’m an item Owner - can I access HYON Connect on the web?

Owners can access Connect via the mobile app (download it here for iOS and here for Android).
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    • How does HYON pay sellers and owners?

      Sellers and owners link their bank accounts to HYON Connect via Stripe. Once a sale is finalized, HYON Connect sends the appropriate funds to owners and sellers each Friday. We do the math, and you get the cash! Here’s how to connect your bank: On ...
    • I have a big/expensive item to sell—can I use HYON Connect to find a trustworthy seller?

      HYON sellers go through a verification process to help ensure item owners find a reputable person to sell their items, regardless of value. If you have an item with a declared value over $2,000, we recommend emailing the HYON team at connect@hyon.ca. ...
    • How does HYON Connect work?

      We connect people who have items to sell with trustworthy sellers, and give you the platform to share all the information to make the sale process as smooth as possible.  HYON Connect sellers are registered and verified, and can tell us what items ...
    • What is an owner?

      In HYON Connect, an owner is a user who has signed up to have their items sold by Verified HYON Sellers.
    • What is HYON Connect?

      HYON Connect is a place for verified sellers to connect with people who have items they can’t be bothered to sell themselves. We make it easier for owners and sellers to make extra cash (and give items a new life in a new home) by keeping your ...