There is an offer that is lower than the minimum price - how do I lower the price in Connect?

There is an offer that is lower than the minimum price - how do I lower the price in Connect?

For Sellers:

If an Owner has set a minimum price, you cannot sell an item for less without the Owner’s authorization. You will need to reach out to your owner via chat and ask them if they will accept the lower price. If they say yes, the owner will have to go into the item and change the minimum price, then you can add it to a cart.

For Owners:

If a seller is receiving offers that are lower than the minimum price you’ve set and you would like to accept the lower offers, you will need to edit your minimum price.

  1. On the home screen of the app, tap the relevant item

  2. Navigate through to the pricing section

  3. Enter a new minimum price

  4. Tap Save. Note: you may need to update the expiry date in order to save.

Your seller will receive a notification that you have updated the item, but you can also let them know via chat if you want.

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