Can I pay the rest of my balance before the auto-billing date?

Can I pay the rest of my balance before the auto-billing date?

Yes, you can pay your remaining balance at any time prior to your final auto-billing date. You can make a payment by visiting My Account or calling a Program Specialist at 1-888-709-8324.

Please note if you make a partial payment instead of paying the entire remaining balance, it will deduct from the balance due for both future payments. You cannot pay more to reduce the balance due for the first payment specifically, as it will be split evenly among all future payments.

Please note that all deposits and payments for Semester courses are non-refundable.

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    • Can I change the date of my auto-billing?

      The date of your auto-billing is determined by the date of the class and cannot be changed. You can view your payment schedule by logging into your My Account, selecting "Billing", and going to your "Billing Information". 
    • Do you offer scholarships for Semesters or Small Group Lessons?

      Yes, we offer scholarships throughout the year for our different programs. Please check our Scholarship Programs page for the most up to date information.
    • My payment did not go through when I was auto-billed

      Please log into My Account and follow these steps: 1. Select "Billing" in the top right 2. Select the "Go now" button under "Billing Information" 3. Verify if the credit card on file is up to date. If it is not, or you need to use a different credit ...
    • Can I change the date, time, or course for my Semester registration?

      Yes, you can! Please make sure to do so at least 72 hours prior to the course start date. To make changes to your registration, please send us an email at with the following details:  Your My Account username (e-mail) Your child’s ...
    • How many students per course?

      Our Semester courses will have an average of 5 students per group as part of our iD Small Class Guarantee™. Click here to register for a Semester course.