Do I need to use a tablet or phone with the Sphero BOLT?

Do I need to use a tablet or phone with the Sphero BOLT?

While our students can use a laptop/desktop with a Sphero BOLT, we find they typically prefer using a tablet or phone with their device. 

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    • What can I do if my Sphero BOLT is broken?

      We suggest reaching out to Sphero directly for assistance.  You can contact their support team here.
    • When will I receive my Sphero BOLT?

      Shipping typically takes between 10-12 business days. Please note that there may be delays due to holiday season demand.  You will receive an email directly from UPS once your hardware is shipped.  If you purchased multiple hardware items, you will ...
    • We don't have a webcam on our computer. Can we use a mobile device for Zoom video/audio?

      Yes. Coursework will need to be done on a laptop/desktop computer, however, you can download the Zoom app to a mobile device in order to use Zoom video and audio. You will need to join the Zoom session both from your laptop/desktop and the mobile ...
    • Can my kids share one Sphero RVR?

      Yes, students of the same household can share one Sphero RVR; however, we’ve found that kids have the best experience with their own Sphero RVR.
    • What software do you use?

      We have partnerships with companies like Apple, Adobe, Google, Autodesk, and Microsoft to provide students with cutting-edge technology. We make every attempt to use only the latest software releases at our camps. Check out the course page to view ...