How do multi-course/multi-student discounts work?

How do multi-course/multi-student discounts work?

If you have already registered for a Virtual Tech Camp, Virtual Tech Academy, or Semester course and add a Virtual Tech Camp, the multi-course discount applies to your Virtual Tech Camp registration. Currently, multi-course and multi-student discounts are $100. 

Here's an example: Charlotte registered her son, Karl, for a 12 Week Semester, and he had a great experience. Then, she signed him up for a Virtual Tech Camp and received the multi-course discount. Charlotte also received a multi course discount because she signed up her daughter, Sonia, for a Virtual Tech Camp!

For every Virtual Tech Camp, Virtual Tech Academy, and/or Semester course you register for in addition to another program, you will automatically receive a multi-course discount. Registrations do not need to be processed at the same time to receive a multi-course discount, but they must be processed within the same camp season to qualify.

*Please note that you must have previously registered for one of the courses listed above in order for the discount to apply.
* Please note that Online Private Lessons are not eligible for multi-course discounts. 

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