How does scheduling work for 24 and 48 Week Semesters?

How does scheduling work for 24 and 48 Week Semesters?

In 24- and 48-week bundles, the next 12 week session does not usually follow immediately after the previous session ends. Each 12 week session starts at the beginning of a month only. This may lead to a break in instruction for one or more weeks.
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    • Do you offer scholarships for Semesters or Small Group Lessons?

      Yes, we offer scholarships throughout the year for our different programs. Please check our Scholarship Programs page for the most up to date information.
    • When do Semesters start?

      When registering for a Semester, you will be able to select a weekly meeting time on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday. The class will meet on the same day and at the same time each week. To check your registration, please visit My Account. To ...
    • How do promotional discounts work?

      Promotional discounts apply to the eligible course or bundle. For instance, if the discount is for 48-Week Semesters, it will only apply to one 48-Week Semester registration per student, and not 12-Week Semester registrations. Multi-course discounts ...
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      If you have already registered for a Virtual Tech Camp, Virtual Tech Academy, or Semester course and add a Virtual Tech Camp, the multi-course discount applies to your Virtual Tech Camp registration. Currently, multi-course and multi-student ...
    • How much is the deposit for the 48-Week Semester bundle?

      The deposit for the 48-Week Semester bundle is $210. Any discount codes applied to the bundle will lower subsequent payments, but not the deposit amount.