What happens if my child misses a day or can not attend one week?

What happens if my child misses a day or can not attend one week?

We are pleased to offer optional Office Hours sessions that allow our students to catch up on missed content. They can also ask questions regarding their Semester course.

Office Hours will be available once a week on Thursdays from 3pm - 5pm Pacific Time. Please note that instructors for Office Hours may not be the same instructor that your child attends class with.


A link will be e-mailed to you on the first day of your child’s course.


Click here to register for a Semester course.

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      In 24- and 48-week bundles, the next 12 week session does not usually follow immediately after the previous session ends. Each 12 week session starts at the beginning of a month only. This may lead to a break in instruction for one or more weeks.
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