What kind of filament does the printer use?

What kind of filament does the Monoprice Cadet printer use?

For the Monoprice Cadet printer, we recommend 1.75mm PLA Filament like the kind you see here

We recommend that you purchase additional filament before your lessons.

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    • How much filament comes with my 3D Printer?

      The filament that comes with your Monoprice Cadet printer is enough for a test print; you will need more filament for 3D printing projects. We recommend that you purchase more filament here.
    • What kind of 3D printer will I receive for my Online Private Lessons?

      The 3D Printing lessons are purchasable with the hardware add-on of the Monoprice Cadet printer.  The Monoprice MP Cadet is an auto-leveling and completely wireless 3D printer designed for students and beginners. Learn the ins-and-outs of 3D printing ...
    • What can I do if my printer is broken?

      Please provide us with the following information: Your Name Your Child's Name A Description of the Issue We will submit a request on your behalf with this information, after which you will receive further instructions to help troubleshoot your 3D ...
    • Do I need to get anything else for my 3D Printer?

      Before your first lesson, we recommend that you: ● Purchase additional filament. You will want to purchase 1.75MM PLA filament like the kind you see here. This can also be found on Amazon.com and other retailers. You will receive this information ...
    • What software do you use?

      We have partnerships with companies like Apple, Adobe, Google, Autodesk, and Microsoft to provide students with cutting-edge technology. We make every attempt to use only the latest software releases at our camps. Check out the course page to view ...