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            Multi-Course/Sibling Discount 

            When registering for multiple courses or siblings at iD Tech Camps, Alexa Café, iD Game Dev Academy, and iD Coding & AI Academy, pay the standard tuition for one participant and receive $50 off tuition for each additional participant. This discount will be applied automatically, so there is no need for a promo code.


            Do you know anyone who may be interested in our camp? Refer them! When you refer one friend who registers for iD Tech Camps, iD Coding & AI Academy, iD Game Dev Academy, or Alexa Café, you and your friend will BOTH save $50. You can refer as many friends as you like. It’s easy, and it adds up.

            • The referral code can be used 10 times until June 1.
            • You must be enrolled in camp for 2020 in order to refer friends.
            • The camper you refer cannot have previously attended an iD Tech program, and your referral must be made PRIOR to the date your friend starts camp.
            • The new camper must enter their Referral Code at the time of registration (codes will not be accepted after the referred friend is registered).
            • The Refer-a-Friend program does not apply to Online Private Lessons. 
            • ​The Refer-a-Friend program does not apply to siblings. 
            We do not offer any military discounts at this time. 

            Learn more about our current discounts by clicking here
            Updated: 23 Oct 2019 02:37 AM
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