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            How are students separated during the overnight stay?

            Boys and girls will typically be housed on separate floors or opposite wings of the dormitory. Students have the option to request a specific roommate upon registration. If no roommate is specified, we will make every effort to room each student with another student near their age.

            Our staff is housed in the same dorm building as our students. They will lead evening activities and supervise students throughout the night.

            All iD Tech programs adhere to the “Rule of Three,” ensuring that there are always at least three people in a room, or that staff and students are in sight of others at all times.

            The “Rule of Three” encompasses the following:

            • Staff members will never be alone with a student. There must always another staff member or student present.

            • If a student requires attention in a private area due to sickness, injury, or another issue, there must be two staff members present.

            • In all other instances, staff members must interact with students within viewing distance of another staff member, another student, or the rest of the group.

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            Updated: 12 Dec 2018 02:51 AM
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