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            What is the College Prep: Advising Session?

            Our College Prep: Advising Sessions help set your student on a pathway to success that lasts long after they attend our summer programs.

            In each 60 minute, one-on-one session, students discover insights, tips, and tools that give them an edge for college. Our remote iD Tech instructors are certified by Empowerly, a leader in college prep, and can provide high school course recommendations, demystify the college application process, and share info about top universities and career paths.

            Pricing and eligibility:
            • $99 per hour-long session for iD Tech Camps and Alexa Café students ages 13+
            • Academy students receive college prep advising during their two-week program (included in tuition)
            *Advising Sessions are conducted after your student’s summer program and can be redeemed between August 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019. iD Tech cannot guarantee session availability outside of the hours of 6am-9pm PST. 

            Click here to register. 
            Updated: 20 Mar 2019 03:30 AM
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