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            I can't access the Training Video

            For contractual reasons, IHDE cannot share screenshots of or videos about our systems to the public, which means that to access our training page, you must enter a username and password.

            Password isn't working

            More often than not, when the password isn't working, it hasn't been typed correctly. Utilize the username and password provided to you on the access form. 

            Be sure to TYPE in the password, rather than copy & paste, as sometimes copying and pasting will inadvertently pick up a space as an extra character, and the password will fail.

            Can't view the video

            It's possible that your facility's firewall will not allow you to view the video. If that is the case, and your IT cannot change the settings, IHDE offers alternative methods of training via interactive eLearnings, live webinars or onsite training. Please contact the IHDE Trainer at 208-803-0051 or for more information, or to schedule a training session.

            Can't access the eLearning

            The eLearning is a new and interactive method of training. If you have any issues with it, or have feedback to provide, please contact the IHDE Trainer at 208-803-0051 or

            Updated: 07 Oct 2019 07:43 AM
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