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            Information Missing from my EMR

            If your facility participates with IHDE in such a way that you receive results automatically to your EMR regarding your patients, then your interface may be:

            Outbound: IHDE delivers patient records to your EMR
            BiDirectional: Patient Records are delivered to IHDE and IHDE routes patient records back

            However, a slightly more manual way of receiving data involves a "Query & Retrieve" build. This build is limited in the amount and type of data which can be pulled.

            To find the full documentation when you are only able to find progress notes, you should be able to navigate to IHDE's Clinical Portal ( and find that data within the patient's records there.  

            If you need help navigating the IHDE Clinical Portal, please reach out. Our Trainer, Kelley Knowles, will be able to help you out: 208-803-0051, email:
            Updated: 07 Oct 2019 07:51 AM
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