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            Send to EMR isn't working

            Send to EMR will only work if your facility has an "outbound" connection with IHDE.

            1) Check first

            Check with your facility to verify that your EMR is connected with IHDE. You may also verify with IHDE by calling 208-803-0030.

            2) If your facility does have the appropriate connection and the problem persists

            Unfortunately, data from before 2015 will not always transfer properly. If you are receiving a failure message, double-check that the data you are sending is after 2015. If the results you are transmitting are mixed, verify that the data from after 2015 transferred properly in your EMR. If it has, no further action is required. If it hasn't, re-send the data to you EMR, but be sure to EXCLUDE any data from 2015 and before. 

            3) If your facility is appropriately connected, the data you are sending is from after 2015, and the problem persists

            Take a screenshot of the error, note which patient record is having issues, and submit a ticket to our support team by clicking the "Submit" tab above. Do NOT include any PHI within the ticket.

            Updated: 07 Oct 2019 07:58 AM
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