Learner: Webcam and/or Microphone Issues

Learner: Webcam and/or Microphone Issues

Problem: My webcam and/or microphone aren’t working.

Solution: Before you do anything else, try restarting the computer completely. If that doesn’t fix the issue, make sure that there are no outstanding updates for your Chromebook or the application you’re trying to use! You can check for chrome updates by clicking on the wifi/time button, clicking on the cog/settings icon, and then going to the tab labeled “About Chrome OS”. There should be a button on that page that says “check for updates”. If the computer needs an update, go ahead and update it. Most applications should have an update notification, or an update tab in their settings area.

If you’re having issues with the Zoom App: 

  • Sign into Zoom using the “sign in with google button”. 

  • Click the cog icon below their user icon

  • Click on the “Video” category to test the webcam. Make sure that the dropdown option has a camera selected.

  • Click on the “Audio” category to test the microphone. All Chromebooks have a microphone built into them.

  • If you’re using a separate microphone or a pair of headphones with a microphone, you will need to select it in the microphone dropdown menu.

If you’re having issues with a webpage:
By default, all websites that need to access your webcam or microphone ask before doing so, and if your learner has denied it access before, it will carry those settings over every time you visit. To fix this, do the following:
  • Click on the three vertical dots menu, and then select “settings”

  • Click on “Privacy and Security”, then click “Site Settings”

  • You should see a list of websites in this area. To the right of the site who’s permissions you want to reset, click “delete”. 

  • Refresh the webpage, and you should be asked to allow access again. Click on “allow”.