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            Can you network and share InBloom between multiple computers?

            In order to share inBloom between two computers, in realtime, you'll need a license of InBloom Pro for each computer you are accessing InBloom with simultaneously.  For example, if you have two computers in your store and want the front desk to ring up sales, while another person enters inventory simultaneously in a back office computer, you'll need two copies of InBloom Pro.  FileMaker Pro 13 is included with your purchase of InBloom Pro, so you will need to install the licensed copies of FileMaker Pro on each computer.

            If you have just one computer at your store and want to be able to bring your copy of InBloom home at night and work on a home computer, you can use InBloom Lite and simply copy the file back and forth using a USB drive; however, that means you can not have the same copy open in two places (home & store) because InBloom Lite does not have the ability to sync two different copies.  InBloom Pro works in the first situation because the two machines are communicating in realtime, updating the same copy of InBloom.
            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 04:15 AM
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