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            Fixing duplicate designer / brand names from pre-filling during Inventory entry

            InBloom v2 and v3 features predictive typing when you click into the Brand field when entering inventory items e.g. the list of predictions appears under the Brand field at item 100-1060.  Typos and data entry errors are considered as distinct values as noted by the mis-spelled brand "Chaneel".

            With lots of inventory and lots of users entering data into InBloom, it's possible to have multiple erroneous values.  Thankfully, it's a quick fix.
            1. Note the misspelled Brand
            2. Click the Find Mode button on the toolbar at the top
            3. Type the misspelled brand in the Brand field:
            4. Hit ENTER on the keyboard to perform a search for all the records with the misspelled name
            5. Correct the spelling of the brand name in each record.

            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 01:10 AM
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