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            Getting Sales Tax (Exempt & Inclusive) Totals

            Many states require getting various totals for taxed and untaxed sale subtotals for certain time periods.  While the requirements vary from state to state, here is a walkthrough on how to get taxed and untaxed sale subtotals from InBloom v3.  This walkthrough requires at least InBloom 3.0.44.

            1. From the Home screen, click Sales

            2. Click Find Sales

            3. Click 'Search Within Invoices' in the toolbar

            4. Click in the Posted (Date) field and enter your date range and any other criteria

            You can use one of the many search operators to search for a range of dates.  So if you were trying to isolate the sales for December 2013 thru February 28, 2014 you would enter the following in the Posted field:

            If you wanted to included invoices with no tax, enter a zero "0" (without quotes) into the Tax 1 field.  Or if you wanted to find out of town shipments, enter a "> 0" (without quotes) in the Shipping field, then hit Enter on the keyboard.  Once you hit Enter on the keyboard, assuming InBloom finds matching results, you'll be viewing the found set of records.  If you want to get a total sum of the subtotal of those invoices, or the tax collected, click the Summary & Totals tab as shown above.

            5. Click Summary & Totals to view any summary amounts

            You can also find sales tax details in the Dashboard by specifying Custom Dates as shown below.
            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 04:13 AM
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