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            How do I turn off inventory expiration?

            There is no explicit off switch for the expiration feature, but the easy solution is to simply set the Consignment Duration for the consignor account to a really big number, say 999 days. You can do this by clicking on Consignor Info for the consignor account. This will adjust the setting for all future items added to that account. To retroactively adjust the setting for inventory, do the following:
            1. Open up the consignor's account (e.g. #100) and view their inventory
            2. Make absolutely sure that you are viewing inventory ONLY for the account whose inventory you would like to modify (make sure you’re only looking at items from account #100)
            3. Click on the Item Details View
            4. Go to the Consignment Duration field, click in the field and change the value to the number of days you would like to adjust the expiration for e.g. 999
            5. Make sure the cursor is still blinking in the Consignment Duration field
            6. Go to the Records menu option, choose Batch Actions > Replace Field Contents (see Image 1 below)
            7. You will see a confirmation dialog saying “Permanently replace the contents of the field Consignment Duration…” make sure the record count matches the inventory count you would like to adjust (e.g. if there 740 items in account 100 which you are changing, make sure it says 740 here – see Image 2 below)
            8. Hit Replace
            Now anytime you pull up items to be paid and click AutoCalculate, the items should not autoxpire. If this doesn’t work for you, let me know and we’ll fix it.

            Image 1

            Image 2
            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 01:21 AM
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