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            How to connect to InBloom on your iPhone or iPad

            The video and steps below are shown using FileMaker Go 12.  Since this article, FileMaker Go 13 has been released and all the steps are almost exactly the same with a slightly updated interface for v13.

            InBloom connects to your iOS devices using the free FileMaker Go 13 app from the App store ( it's available for iPhone/iPod Touch and for iPad). Once you have installed FileMaker Go on your device, you can follow the video or the instructions below.

            - Install FileMaker Go 13 on your iPhone or iPad

            - Tap the FileMaker Go icon on the screen of the device

            - Click the Open File Browser... button

            Click Local Network Hosts

            Choose your computer/server running InBloom.

            AirServer 3

            Choose InBloom from the list of available files.

            AirServer If InBloom doesn't appear, make sure you've enabled FileMaker database sharing.

            InBloom should open and ask you to login.  Login using your usual username and password.  You don't need to change the station to login on iOS.

            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 01:12 AM
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