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            How to fix label / tag printing issues & problems

            When solving issues with label printing, it's always important to clarify what the exact issue is.  Typically, there's a chain of questions to ask along these lines:
            • Do your labels print?
            • ​​If yes, are they getting cut off? 
            • If no, is the printer properly connected?
            • Are there barcodes?  Do the barcodes scan properly when writing a sale?

            It’s important to make sure that the template for your label is the same as the label you have in your Dymo Printer. You can see a preview of the available templates here:

            Next, determine the label size and number you have in your Dymo Printer (e.g. 30336 or 30321) match the settings within InBloom: go Home > Other Modules > Settings > Printing and for Inventory Price Tags, make sure the option selected there matches the label that’s in your printer.

            If the label sizes match and you’re STILL unable to print, let us know via a support ticket request on the right.

            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 01:09 AM
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