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            How to perform a return

            Returns can only be performed on items that have not been paid to the consignor.  Currently, you can not return inventory and convert the return to a store credit

            To begin, open InBloom and begin writing a new sale. On your new blank invoice, scan the barcode of the item to be returned or type in the SKU.

            If this is a unique item, you'll see an error message that the item is not available for sale.  Click Override to continue.

            Once the item is added to the invoice, change the Quantity to sale from a "1" to a "-1".  
            Click Continue on the top right corner of the window

            ​A new window will open asking you to confirm the previous sale for this particular item.  Locate the item, then click Select on right of the item line. 

            The popup window will close.  Click Continue in the Invoice window and proceed.

            At the final checkout screen, specify the tender that is returned to the customer.  Note: you can not accept returns in InBloom and convert to a store credit at this time.

            Click Checkout to finish the transaction.  InBloom will successfully return the item to inventory and place it back for sale.
            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 04:12 AM
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