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            How to print only certain pieces of inventory i.e. latest inventory?

            Printing selected inventory is done by using the Hide commands in the toolbar of the Inventory screens.  

            The Hide toolbar buttons remove the selected item from your view of the current set of Inventory. *It’s important to note: they do not delete the items, only temporarily hide them from the set of found records.*
            • *Hide Item* temporarily hides only the selected item.
            • *Hide Above* temporarily hides the records above the selected item. 
            • *Hide Below* temporarily hides the records below the selected item.

            *Because InBloom modifies and prints whatever set of records you are viewing, you can print a mixed or partial list using the Hide buttons.*

            For example: let’s say you wanted to print only the new items for existing consignor 25.
            First, you’ll search for account 25. Let’s say all the items after item #101 are the new items you’d like to print. Click on item 101 to select the record, and click Hide Above. This will omit the older records (1 thru 100) from the found set, now click Print.
            If you wanted to print only the old items, you would click on item 101 and click Hide Below to omit the newer records.
            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 01:13 AM
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