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            How to update your copy of InBloom 3.x

            InBloom v3 in both Lite & Pro flavors has the ability to download and install the latest updates from the web. All you have to do is open the Updater application and in a button click or two, you're done updating. To begin, first have InBloom open:

            1. View the available update notes

            media_1367295296001.png Click the red #1 on the Home icon denotes that an update is available for InBloom. You'll only see this appear when update is available.

            2. Note what is being updated and where to find your Updater application

            media_1367295683895.png The InBloom Updater is located inside your InBloom Software folder. In case you need help finding it, the first box shows exactly where it is. The second highlight shows what files will be updated.

            3. Close and Logout of InBloom


            4. Navigate to your InBloom software folder (shown in Step 2) and open the Updater folder


            5. Open the Updater application


            6. Click 'Check for Updates' in the window that appears


            7. You should see the available updates again, click Download Update to download & install the software


            8. After you click the button, you'll see the files download

            media_1367297054587.png A confirmation dialog may appear asking you to make sure that InBloom is completely closed - click Continue.

            9. A dialog will appear when the download completes

            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 01:08 AM
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