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            Is it possible to import inventory/sales to inbloom using Excel or CSV?

            Yes, it is definitely possible to import from Excel or CSV.  

            Typically, you can do this yourself by going through the program's Administration views (Main Menu > Other Modules > Data Administration > then choose your area ) which gives access to the import features in the File menu.  Otherwise, it is typically recommend that we do it for you to make sure all the dependencies are properly configured.  That can't be easily set up via Excel import.  We offer a service to do so at $100/hr and it never takes more than 2 hours unless you have lots of worksheets in the spreadsheet or it is bizarrely large.  You can easily send us a copy of the spreadsheet beforehand and we can quote an estimate for you on the time it would likely take for your import.  
            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 01:48 AM
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