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            Testing and reconfiguring a barcode scanner

            Barcode scanners are essentially keyboards that type into a document or field, quickly and accurately.  Because of this, you can test scanning in a standard text editor such as TextEdit on Mac or NotePad on PC.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with your barcode scanner to connect it to your computer. No additional configuration in InBloom is necessary. Please see the Hardware page for a list of recommended barcode scanners, but nearly any barcode scanner which can be configured to send a carriage return (the equivalent of hitting the Return key on your keyboard) should work with InBloom.  The variance in price between most scanners usually relates to durability, wireless/wired functionality, and the types of barcodes that can be scanned.  

            InBloom uses a standard Code128 barcode for all barcodes.

            Simple barcode functionality test:

            • Take any standard item with a barcode:  a can of soda, book, etc.
            • Plugin your scanner
            • Open TextEdit or Notepad and try scanning the object
            • It should type the barcode of the item into the editor super fast.

            Resetting a barcode scanner on a Mac:

            If your barcode scanner is not scanning barcodes, try the following:

            1. Open a Finder window.
            2. Click “Go” in the menu bar, then select “Go to Folder…”
            3. Type /Library/Preferences in the text field and click Go.
            4. Locate the file, and move it to Trash. Empty the Trash.
            5. Disconnect your barcode scanner.
            6. Restart your Mac.
            7. Once the restart is complete, reconnect your barcode scanner.
            8. When you see the Keyboard Setup Assistant appear, close it by clicking the red circle in the top left corner.
            9. Open TextEdit and try scanning a can of soda, book, etc.

            If you are sure your scanner supports Code 39 (almost every one does) and if it still does not scan the barcode properly, the easiest thing to do is a reset of the scanner. The manufacturer's instruction manual typically includes a barcode to scan that resets the scanner to the factory default, which should solve all issues. Certain barcode scanner manufacturers such as Honeywell will often post special barcode configurations, to set up LF and CR characters for scanning in Mac-based setups.  Be sure to check the manufacturer site if you're having trouble with your scanner.

            Updated: 22 Mar 2018 04:16 AM
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