Multiple-VIN OBD Genie Not Working (Token)

If you are not getting a solid green light, please count the amount of times the red light is flashing:

13 Blinks -

This means there are no programmings left on the genie. 

This applies only to the genie with multiple VIN numbers loaded to it.  

 Each time the genie is plugged in a VIN is stored, once it has reached the maximum amount of VIN's paid for the genie, it will blink the red light 13 times. 

3 or 4 Blinks -  

Unplug genie, turn off car and let sit 5 minutes then try again. 

If you had vehicle in ACC or RUN try starting the engine, or visa versa.  

5 Blinks - 

Unknown vehicle. This means the vehicle is not recognized as a compatible vehicle for the OBD Genie.  

If you still cannot get it to work try a can-bus reset;

Unplug negative battery cable and touch to positive cable briefly, then reconnect and let vehicle sit for 5 minutes with keys out.  

Now retry the Genie. If it is still not working please contact support for further assistance.   

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