Performance Pages won't stay on after turning off radio.

The Performance Pages are a feature of UConnect Access, or Sirius Guardian in 2018+ vehicles. Upon upgrading to one of our radios, you'll lose access to these features, unless you call the associated company and add the new unit to the service.

Given that, If the C-PPMP Genie programmer gives you a green light, your Performance Pages display on the radio for a time and then disappear, it's due to the radio having had a subscription or trial of UConnect Access/Sirius Guardian on it at any time in the past. A Can-bus reset will bring the Pages back but once the modem in the vehicle recognizes that the radio has had the feature active at some point, it will remove the Pages, especially after the vehicle has been turned off. (Dealerships will sometimes turn on the trial before selling a vehicle.)
While the Performance Page functionality will stay and remain in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC), you would have to swap out the radio for one that has never had a UConnect Access/ Sirius Guardian subscription, or trial, to retain constant Performance Pages on the head unit. And this is NOT PROMISED as we can't tell which unit has had the trial or not.
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