Q: I installed the C-ACC-LD OBD Genie programmer in my 2011-2014 Chrysler 300 / Dodge Charger to enable AUTO temperature control and it's not working.

Q: I installed the C-ACC-LD OBD Genie programmer in my 2011-2014  Chrysler 300 / Dodge Charger to enable AUTO temperature control and it's not working.

A: If the programmer's embedded LED turned green then the vehicle's computer has been programmed. After the vehicle sleeps you will notice the "AUTO" soft key appear within the climate menu. At this point the OBD Genie programming is complete. If at that time the climate system is still not working properly you may need to replace your HVAC module with a used module pulled only from a Chrysler 300 which can be purchased on eBay or at a salvage yard.

2011 - 2013 Vehicles need to install 68349513AA. 
2014 vehicles require either 68185499AC / 68185499AD / 68185499AE / 68185499AF.
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