Toyota radio resets

On Denso-ten unit:

Hold Apps or Info then flip headlights switch on/off 4 times, this will take you to diagnostics menu.
Hold INIT and MEMORY CLR to delete data, if you went through INFO it will be in the the first option.

Panasonic Unit:

Hold Menu and it should be in the first menu

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    • Resets

       Try each of these steps in order. If one fixes your issue, you don't have to move to the next step. And if, for any reason, taking all these steps don't resolve your issue, there may be a physical issue with the unit, so please call us back. 1. Key ...

      1. Download the two Apps on your phone Entune Entune App Suite 2. Register with your VIN# MAKE SURE THAT YOUR VEHICLE IS COMPLETELY POWERED OFF WHILE REGISTERING. If your vehicle’s original factory radio did not have the “Apps” button you will need ...