Recovering the Ingenia servo drive

Recovering the Ingenia servo drive


After a failed firmware update procedure, I am unable to get the MotionLab software to recognize the Ingenia drive anymore. Every time I power up the device, I get a blinking error code and it repeats until I remove power. 

When I apply power, my computer can recognize that a drive is connected, but MotionLab cannot communicate with the drive. Once blink code stops, the computer indicates the motor drive had disconnected, then the whole sequence starts over again. What do I need to do to solve this?


Minimum MotionLab software version required: 2.12.1

In MotionLab we have a recovery tool that allows to re-update the firmware after previously failing in the process so that we can re-connect to the drive again. This is what needs to be done:
  1. Inside MotionLab, click on the RECOVERY on the top right corner.

  2. This will load the Advanced Firmware loader and open a window like this one:

  3. Before doing anything inside this window, open the Device Manager to know to which port is the Ingenia servo drive connected to (in our case it is the port COM4).

  4. Go back to the Advanced Firmware Loader and click Refresh (red square). After a few seconds, you should be able to see and select the port that your servo drive is connected to (green square).

  5. Browse the .hexenc file that you want to load and click on Update Firmware. After the uploading process you should get a message like the following:

  6. After this, you will be able to re-connect to your servo drive and be able to work properly once again!
In case that this procedure still gives some sort of error, then one last action might need to be done. When you click on "Update firmware" and the confirmation pop-up comes up, then what you need to do is turn down the power supply (unless it is a Pluto servo drive), take the USB cable out from the drive, click "OK" to update the firmware and connect the USB right after. With this additional step, you should be able to update the firmware correctly and recover the Ingenia servo drive without any more problems.
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