Serial commanding

Serial commanding


Following there is a short overview with all the necessary requirements to use an Ingenia Servo Drive through RS232, RS/485 and USB commands.


  • Serial Port terminal. Could be download here a good one: TeraTerm.


  • RS/485, RS232 transceiver or USB cable (micro-B USB to standard-A USB).

Some PCs have a direct connection to an RS232 port

  • Power supply, cables, etc.
Motor configuration
Before starting this tutorial, make sure that the Ingenia drive is properly configured for the motor to drive. Use the MotionLab software for this purpose.

Connecting the Ingenia Servo Drive

Connect the RS232, RS485 or USB interface between the PC and the Ingenia servo drive.

Daisy chain connections

If the application needs daisy chain connections, some additional steps must be done:

  1. Connect each drive individually to the PC
  2. Using MotionLab, connect to the drive and open the drive overview window.
  3. Click on Node ID Change button and select a different Node ID for each drive.

  4. You must remember that the new configuration will be applied after the next power on so it is recommended to disconnect the drive in Drives view before powering off the device.
  5. Using the register watcher, set the register 0x2000; 0x03 - Daisy chain mode to 1

  6. Commit the changes.

  7. Repeat these steps for each drive.
For more information about Node ID and other RS232/RS485/USB configuration parameters, please refer to EMCL documentation.

Once all the drives are configured properly, connect them in daisy chain topology.

Refer to the specific installation manual for each Ingenia drive:
USB interface does not support daisy chain configuration.

Opening a serial port terminal

  • Open the TeraTerm software.
  • A New connection window will be shown. Select the Serial option and search your Port:

  • Open the Ingenia configuration:
    • Download the Serial configuration: download.
    • Download the Serial configuration: download.
    • Click on Setup / Restore setup...

    • Select the downloaded file
  • If the Serial terminal is configured properly, the communication with the Ingenia servo drive is available:
    • Write the command on the Serial terminal: 0 R 0x6041

    • Press "Enter" key

    • The response of the Ingenia drive will be similar to the shown in the next picture:

If multiple drives are connected in a daisy-chain topology, one reply for each drive in the network should appear.

Command format

For more information about the Ingenia command format, please refer to the EMCL documentation.

Other serial terminals

Other serial terminal software can be used to communicate with the Ingenia servo drives. The serial configuration needed can be found here.

Sending commands through serial terminal

In this tutorial, all commands are sent in broadcast mode. It means that in daisy chain topology, all drives are going to receive the command. For individual access, write the Node ID in the first field instead of a 0 value.

Start-up commands

Set up the Ingenia drive

0 W 0x6040 6
0 W 0x6040 7

Select the profile position as the mode of operation

0 W 0x6060
For more information about modes of operation, please refer to the EMCL documentation.

Motor ON/OFF commands

Motor ON
0 W 0x6040 15

Motor OFF

0 W 0x6040 7
For more information about Ingenia drive status, please refer to the EMCL documentation.

Motion commands

Position commands

Set position

0 W 0x607A (desired position)

Enable motion to the desired position

0 W 0x6040 31
0 W 0x6040 15

Read actual position

0 R 0x6064
Position should be provided in encoder counts. A conversion is needed if the user position is in other units.

Position profiler commands

Set velocity

0 W 0x6081 (desired velocity)
Velocity units should be provided in c/s. A conversion is needed if the user velocity is in other units.

Set acceleration

0 W 0x6083 (desired acceleration)

Set deceleration

0 W 0x6084 (desired deceleration)
Acceleration/deceleration units should be provided in c/s2. A conversion is needed if the user acceleration/deceleration is in other units.

Position control commands

Set PID integral limit

0 W 0x725000 100000 (desired integral limit)
For more information about the profile position mode, please refer to the EMCL documentation.

Error Management commands

If an error occurs, the Ingenia drive will send a command similar to this code:

0x20 W 0x11003 0x0

The error code meaning can be found here.

 Once the error source is eliminated, execute these commands to restore the functionality of the Ingenia Drive:

0 W 0x6040 128
0 W 0x6040 6
0 W 0x6040 7

For more information about Ingenia drive status, please refer to the EMCL documentation