Antivirus Software Behindert Equitrac, Ausnahmen Richtig Einrichten

Antivirus Software Behindert Equitrac, Ausnahmen Richtig Einrichten

With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, what exclusions should be configured for antivirus software running on the Equitrac server?

The following are the recommended exclusions:

1.     Server Folders to exclude:   All folder and subfolders beginning with Equitrac
2.     The SPOOL folder that Microsoft's spooler service is configured to use.
3.     The following subfolders under C:\Documents and Settings\[userid]\Local Settings
\Application Data\Equitrac

....Where [userid] is the account under which the Equitrac services are running.

4.     File extensions to exclude: Exclude database files (mdf, ldf) and trace log files (log).
5.     Server Services to exclude: all Equitrac services (CAS, DCE, DRE, Scheduler)
6.     NetWare folders to exclude: The cache folder's default location is directory EQSpool under the DRE installation directory. The -c parameter can be used with EQDRESRV to specify a different cache folder.
7.     The EQDRESRV install folder (i.e. load path of DRE)
8.     SYS:/tmp if it exists
9:     SYS:/temp if it exists

NOTE:  Some of the file paths assume that this is English Windows Server 2003 installed to drive C.  If DRE is on a cluster, then the folders that were manually set up on a cluster disk for DRE to use should be excluded as well.

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